The Chiropractic Clinic of Newberry is IN NETWORK with many private insurance carriers.

We can answer most insurance question by telephone, help you check your company website, or call to verify your coverage for you.

Before you receive any treatment, we will verify your benefits and inform you of all costs so you can make informed financial decisions as you make informed health decisions.

We offer a cash discount program for those without health insurance or insurance that does not provide chiropractic benefits through Chirohealth USA.

We can provide care for Workman's Compensation on-the-job injuries

Auto Injury Coverage

Personal Injury Cases

Chirohealth USA
The Chiropractic Clinic of Newberry is affiliated with the Chirohealth USA program to ensure affordable health care to patients without health insurance, or patients with high co-pay amounts. Call The Chiropractic Clinic of Newberry at 803-321-3131 for more information or visit The Chirohealth web page for more information.